FocusMotion can turn any wearable into your own personal fitness trainer. The company now offers an SDK that will use the wearable device’s accelerometer, gyroscope, electromyography, and magnetometer to analyze a user’s movement and pace. A series of algorithms train FocusMotion to detect the movements of the workout. Once the workout is programmed, the software only picks those movements and ignores other movements like walking around, opening the door, drinking water.  The system guides the user to an optimal routine and makes adjustments based on the activities.

FocusMotion is operating system agnostic and can be used on any wearable device.  While there are many other fitness apps available for wearables, FocusMotion seems to have an advantage as it learns the exercise routine the user sets up and monitors actions to that specific routine and provides guidelines for improvements, much like what a fitness trainer in the gym would do. Like many other apps available on wearables, the accuracy of FocusMotion is yet to be proven but the promise is definitely there.

Currently it’s embedded into Pebble devices. While the system is currently focused on training and physical fitness, the same approach could be applied to other tasks. For example, it might have application for physical therapy patients, where it could monitor motions and alert the user if they need to correct some of their actions.