CeBIT 2016

If you’ve ever been to CES in Las Vegas in January, you may think you’ve seen a big technology show. Sure, it’s the biggest show of its kind in the U.S. but it is dwarfed by the CeBIT show that takes place in Hanover, Germany every March. As big as this event is, it’s still not big enough to cover everything which is why the organizers put on other events throughout the year. One conference of particular interest is coming up September 29 and 30 in Bonn, Germany, covering “Wearable Technologies & Digital Health.”

The conference aims to cover wearable Health Tech devices, apps, and related services, bringing together healthcare professionals, insurance companies, makers of pharmaceuticals, and patients. The program plans to explore the technical limits of what wearables and digital health systems can accomplish, as well as the legal limitations that govern their implementation. It will cover ways that Big Data can be applied to some of the problems facing healthcare worldwide, from faster and more accurate diagnosis, to better treatment outcomes, to lower overall costs both in clinical and home settings.

In this rapidly-growing market segment, it’s essential that information be spread as quickly, accurately, and effectively as possible. This not only will help strengthen some projects by the injection of related insights and ideas from other sources, but could also help reduce duplication of efforts. The forces of market contraction will kick in soon enough for the majority of the startups in this field, so information exchange at conferences like this one can increase their odds of survival.