How many times do you wish that you could remember something that you or someone else just said? (I confess that I’m reaching an age where that happens more often than I’d care to admit.) Maybe someone is telling you an email address or website, or giving you directions. Maybe you just had a great idea and don’t have an easy way to write down your ideas. Maybe you’re a musician and you realize you just played a great lick that you wish you could repeat. Or maybe somebody just said something funny that you’d like to remember. The folks behind Kapture have come up with a device that solves this problem for you.

The concept is pretty simple. The device is a wristband that contains a digital recorder that is constantly recording everything it hears, keeping just the last minute of sound. When you realize that you want to keep something that was just said, you simply tap the band and it is sent wirelessly by Bluetooth to your smartphone where you can listen to, edit, and even share the recording. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and the battery will run all day between charges. The device has started shipping, and is available for $129 on the website.

On the plus side, I can see how this device could be a boon to the elderly who are comfortable with smartphones. The device could be used to record all sorts of instructions and reminders that would be helpful. On the downside, this is a one-trick pony, and a fairly expensive one at that. I think that this concept makes much more sense as an added feature to a smartphone or wearable device such as a smartwatch. As companies look to add features to differentiate their products in a crowded market, I could see that some might want to incorporate an after-the-fact recording feature such as this.