SmartDose Update

Almost a year ago, we described the SmartDose system from West Pharmaceutical Services. This is a battery-powered system that patients can adhere to their skin, and the device will automatically administered predetermined doses of medication. This increases patient compliance with treatment plans, which can lead to better outcomes as well as being more convenient. And since it does not require a healthcare professional to administer each dose, it can also reduce costs.

This smart patch has completed initial trials with humans, and the drug vial component has already received FDA approval. In anticipation of growing demand for the system, West has announced that it is expanding its manufacturing capacity for the SmartDose device. Production facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona and Israel are scaling up to meet anticipated orders. According to West, the company already has shipped more than 100,000 units for pharmaceutical manufacturers for development and clinical trial projects.

This represents a big step toward further automation of precision medical treatment through the use of convenient, compact, and mobile wearable devices. It is part of the movement designed to put patients more in control of their lives as they deal with illness and medical treatment.