When it comes to the “quantified self” movement, humans aren’t the only ones who can track their health and fitness information. SeeHorse is a company that has created a wearable Health Tech device for horses.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. The average horse represents a significant financial investment by the owner (and often an even larger emotional investment). This small device attaches to the horse’s bridle and tracks temperature, pulse, and breathing, as well as movement. It can detect different gaits, speed, and length of stride. The system combines this information and can analyze a horse’s activity levels. It can also provide early warning alerts about possible muscle or bone injuries. The system can even predict when a mare is going to deliver a foal by sending an alert when she lies down on her side.

The SeeHorse device has a number of other interesting features. In addition to being waterproof and using wireless recharging, the device also harvests energy from the horse’s motion so that the battery does not have to be recharged every day. The system even is compatible with software used by veterinarians. As the wearable industry expands into other markets, don’t be surprised to find devices designed specifically for other non-human species.