HealthMine is a company that helps consumers manage their own health. This past spring, they conducted a survey of people who are enrolled in a wellness program. The survey results revealed that 28% of the respondents had been diagnosed with a chronic illness within the past two years. Out of this group, nearly half — 46% — reported that their chronic condition was discovered through their wellness program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three out of four dollars spent on healthcare in this country are spent on patients with chronic disease. Many conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, can be treated more effectively if diagnosed early, saving money and resulting in better outcomes for the patients. According to the HealthMine survey, nearly three out of four consumers would like their insurers to provide routine vision and blood pressure screening. More than half of the respondents also were in favor of testing for cholesterol levels, cancer, hearing, diabetes, and obesity.

According to the CDC, one third of the people with diabetes in the U.S. do not know that they have it. This study shows that consumers are in favor of getting more information about their health on a regular basis, and wellness programs should lead to better outcomes and lower costs. Incorporating data from wearable Health Tech devices in an on-going screening program could make these wellness programs even more effective.