The wearable industry is growing faster than an algae bloom in August. It’s impossible for anyone to keep in touch with all that’s going on in this field, especially those who are working hard at launching their own wearable products and services. That’s where WearHacks comes in; this international non-profit exists to promote the development of wearable technology worldwide. Based in Montreal, they provide developers with access to tools and other resources in order to speed innovation.

The group organizes events to help build a network of developers and entrepreneurs. They put on “hackathons” that bring individuals and companies together. Students, engineers, designers, and product managers gather for an intensive two-day event to learn about the latest developments and to help create new technologies. This fall, the organization will host events in Vancouver, BC, Montreal, New York, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Kingston, Ontario.

While this industry is in its explosive growth stage, networking and the exchange of ideas and resources will help make the process more efficient and should result in a larger number of products and services that succeed in coming to market. Events like those hosted by WearHacks can encourage collaboration and cooperation that can make the difference between just another great idea and a successful company.