Round LCD with touch

There’s a good reason why TVs and computer monitors and other flat panel displays are rectangular; the matrix of pixels is driven as a series of rows and columns. This makes it very difficult to make a round display, but that’s the form factor that has been used in wrist watches for a hundred years. Designers of wearable products have relatively limited choices for round displays, but a company is trying to change that. andersDX is offering to create the exact size that a customer needs for their new product design.

The standard model of the company’s circular display has a 37.79 mm diameter, with an active display area with a 30.96 mm diameter. The resolution is 240 by 206 pixels. It uses transflective color LCD technology with an LED backlight, and it can come with optional integrated touch if wanted. The important point about the display, however, is that the company can make it in other dimensions, larger or smaller, at what they present are “affordable” costs. This means that a designer can fit the display to the device, instead of the other way around. And you won’t end up with a display that looks exactly like the ones used in your competitors’ devices.

As the wearable market continues its explosive growth, custom components like this display will help companies differentiate their products from the competition. It will become increasingly difficult to come up with features that will set one product apart from the rest of the field, and until the market consolidation begins to become a significant factor, there should be healthy business opportunities for suppliers who can provide customized components.