Activ8rlives 1

The British company Aseptika has announced a new version of their Activ8rlives app that now supports Apple’s HealthKit. The “Health Monitoring and Food Diary” program version 3.2 collects user data that can be stored on the Activ8rlives web servers as well as linked to the Health Kit where it can be made available to other apps.

The company has its own line of wearable Health Tech devices, including activity trackers, as well as smart scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and other mobile health devices. The company’s systems are “device agnostic” and are designed to work with sensors and trackers from other companies as well.

While it’s not clear what role Health Kit will play in the healthcare of individuals and larger communities, this effort to break down the barriers between difference sources of health and fitness data is almost certainly a good thing. The value of the data will be maximized when it can be used in ways that safely aggregates lots of information from lots of people, and this appears to be a step in the right direction.