The Australian company DorsaVi has created a system that helps healthcare professionals and physical therapists provide more efficient treatment for patients with lower back pain. The ViMove system consists of a pair of motion sensors, two surface electromyography (EMG) sensors, and a device to record the data.

When plugged into a computer, the recording device provides real-time measurements of the subject’s motions.  These can be analyzed, and the results used to help the subject to move in a way that is better for the lower back and reduces pain. When disconnected, the system can record data while the subject goes about normal daily activities. This data can then be downloaded and analyzed later.

The company has conducted an extensive clinical trial, including random patient selection and a placebo control. The study showed that in 10 weeks, patients with the system were three times more likely to have significant improvements in reduced back pain. Even after 12 months, the patients with the system were still 2.5 times more likely to clinically important improvements compared with those who received standard treatment. The system is able to generate data for diagnosis and to guide treatment, and to provide clear documentation of a patient’s progress.