Head impact during sports play continues to be a major health concern. X2 Biosystems has a system that takes a different approach from some other devices. Rather than be attached to a headband or as part of a mouth guard, the xPatch is a small device that is taped to the athlete’s head, right behind the ear. The rechargeable patch contains sensors that detect and measure both linear and rotational impacts.

Another difference between the xPatch and other systems is that the device broadcasts its data directly to the Cloud via Microsoft’s Azure platform. The data can then be stored and reported wirelessly to mobile devices using an app. Data can also be forwarded to the electronic health records (EHR) of the individual players. X2 Biosystems does not diagnose the effects of any single or cumulative impact, but it does integrate the data with their ICE (Integrated Concussion Examination) app the draws on the concussion assessment protocols of the National Football League (NFL) and other sources. It builds a history of the brain health of athletes, and according to the company website, has been adopted by all 32 NFL teams.

Brain injury due to sports impacts is getting a lot of attention, and systems like this one from X2 Biosystems are important in that they can create and store baseline records for each player, giving coaches, trainers, and team medical staff more information about the individual’s condition after a potentially damaging contact.