FORA smart watch

With all the recent coverage of another certain smartwatch, it’s easy to think that it’s a one-brand market. The fact is that many companies also have smartwatches, with new ones being announced all the time. Still, it would not be a surprise if you missed the announcement by ForaCare about the company’s new FORA watch. ForaCare is based in Moorpark, California, and focuses on biometric measuring devices for both consumers and medical professionals. They specialize in diabetes and hypertension management.

The new FORA smartwatch uses Bluetooth connections to wirelessly collect data from other FORA devices, including glucometers, blood pressure devices, weight scales, temperature sensors, and pulse oximeters. It is also an activity monitor. It can then send this data to a secure cloud service, where it is recorded and analyzed. Healthcare professionals can access the data to monitor a patient’s condition. The cloud can send alerts and reminders, such as prompts to take medications at the correct time. It also includes a panic button feature that the wearer can use to notify a caregiver or summon help.

The FORA smartwatch is scheduled to launch later this spring. It is not likely to have the same level of initial sales as that other Brand A watch, but it could be a better match for some users who are concerned about tracking their health or that of a loved one.