AT&T ForHealth

The wearable Health Tech market is not just about starry-eyed entrepreneurs launching high-tech startups with bootstrap funding. The big corporations are also getting actively involved, and not just hardware companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG. One case in point is AT&T, which announced a new initiative last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The company is starting a free wellness and fitness platform this spring called ForHealth.

The concept behind the ForHealth is that it will aggregate data from a variety of sources. Unlike some services that work only with iOS or only with Android devices, ForHealth is designed to work with hardware on different platforms, as well as smartphones on network’s other than AT&T’s. The service will be designed to analyze the data and seek out correlations within your data so that it can make recommendations.

ForHealth is also expected to include access to content, challenges, and other components that will serve to motivate and encourage users to pay more attention to the impact of their choices on their health and fitness.