Alivecor ECG

Sometimes you have to walk before you run. Wearable Health Tech devices owe a lot to handheld mobile devices, and the AliveCor Heart Monitor is one of those devices that points to possible wearable solutions in the near future. It provides an FDA-approved two-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) device that works with your smartphone or tablet. You just touch the sensor pads with your left and right hand to get a Lead I ECG. You can also hold it against your chest to get an Anterior Precortal Lead ECG.

The free app that supports the device (iOS or Android) sends the data to the AliveCor cloud servers, where it is automatically analyzed and reported back to your mobile device for display. Your physician can have access to the results, to help with diagnosis and treatment of any conditions. The most amazing thing is that this device is available for $75 without a prescription, and it is FDA approved.

In January, AliveCor announced FDA clearance for two new algorithms designed to perform automated analysis of user ECG readings. These improve identification of normal rhythms and possible interference signals. Along with the already cleared atrial fibrillation detection algorithm, users will get immediate feedback on the majority of readings. This provides a solid technology foundation that can be applied to wearable devices as well.