Vuzix M100 enterprise

In spite of what you might be led to believe by the mainstream media about the “demise” of Google Glass, head-mounted computers are alive and well (including Google’s product). There are several competing systems that are gaining traction in several markets. We reported about Vuzix and its M100 system earlier this month, and the company is back in the news again with a new partnership that could give it a leg up in enterprise applications.

Vuzix is partnering with Pristine, a company that develops enterprise software for smart glasses. Their EyeSight platform is designed to provide a way for workers to collaborate in the field. A request automatically notifies relevant co-workers, who can then “look over the shoulder” of the person in the field. The system is designed to work hands-free, and needs no on-site hardware. The Vuzix M100 runs on the Android operating system, and can connect to a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection, or directly to a network using a WiFi connection.

One important advantage of the EyeSight platform is that it has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. As a result, the system is HIPAA-compliant, which is an essential consideration when using it for medical applications such as by surgeons in the operating room. The end result is an “off the shelf” solution that costs a fraction as much as prior solutions. It could make collaboration and consultation with remote experts much easier and affordable in many fields, including healthcare.