Fit Woman In Sports Bra

Physicians and researchers agree that one of the keys to successful treatment of breast cancer is early diagnosis. One of the frontline defenses against the disease is a mammogram, which can be uncomfortable and involves x-ray radiation. Cyrcadia Health is a company that has developed a technology that is more accurate than a mammogram, according to early trials, with an 87% correlation to “verified clinical diagnosis” compared with 83% for mammograms.

The company is developing the Circadian Biometric Recorder (CBR) system. The company is partnering with Flextronics to develop a bra that contains a matrix of temperature sensors. The subject wears the bra for a day, during which time the temperatures are recorded. Cancerous tissue does not exhibit the same circadian temperature variations as does normal breast tissue, and the sensors are able to detect the difference. The system can even determine the location of the suspect tissue, even in women with dense breast tissue.

Worn once a month, the bra generates data that can be compared to detect changes over time. The system provides a more accurate screening than a mammogram, without the discomfort or radiation. The company intends to develop the product as an over-the-counter device, to be used as a screening device that would signal the need for more through examination and diagnosis. They also are developing a more accurate model that can be used in clinical settings for more precise screenings. This device has the potential to change how women perceive monthly breast exams, and could save lives.