Man Having Video Chat With Doctor

Salesforce commissioned an online survey by Harris Poll last month, and has now released the results in their “2015 State of the Connected Patient” report. It provides a mix of encouraging and disappointing news, but little of it is surprising and the results appear to be tending in a good direction.

For example, less than 10% of the insured respondents say that they have used digital communications (web, email, or text) to set appointments with physicians. On the other hand, Millennials show strong interest in using more technology. 71% would like to use an app that would help healthcare professionals track their data to aid in preventative care, and could be used to schedule appointments. 63% of these younger adults would be interested in proactively providing health and fitness data to physicians to be monitored.

The report makes the point that there are lots of hurdles to applying technology to health and medical problems. This has made adoption slower than in other areas, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) encourages the adoption of technology to help increase efficiency and improve communications between healthcare professionals and patients. This could provide some additional incentives to speed up the process.