Some infants are born with jaundice, which is a condition when the compound bilirubin build up in the blood stream due to the breakdown of blood cells. This gives the skin a characteristic yellow tinge. The most common treatment is blue light that causes the blilirubin to break down into molecules that are water soluble, making it easier for the body to eliminate this waste.

Hospitals now use a light source with a flat diffusing plate that distributes the light over the infant’s body. A French company, NeoMedLight, has come up with what may be a better solution. Instead of using a flat diffuser, they have developed a way to weave fiber optic material into textiles. The result is a light, flexible light blanket that is more comfortable for the baby and the person holding the child. Presumably, the blanket conforms better to the body’s shape, providing more effective coverage.

NeoMedLight has recently expanded its business to the U.S. though the company will keep its headquarters in France.