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As we have mentioned here repeatedly, one of the big challenges in wearable Health Tech is to get the data from all these different sources uploaded and processed in a form that makes it easier for healthcare professionals and consumers to manage the information, and use it to guide diagnosis, tracking, and treatment of illness and other conditions. Qualcomm is a leader in wireless communications, and the company’s Qualcomm Life Inc. subsidiary has developed the 2net Platform for just this purpose.

The system has been designed from the ground up to be interoperable with devices and applications from other companies. It is designed to provide data security, and has been approved as a Class 1 Medical Device Data System by the FDA in the United States. (It has also earned approval in Europe and Canada.) The system can be accessed through Qualcomm’s own hub device, through an FDA-listed software program that provides connectivity for mobile devices, or through devices that have embedded cellular communications.

Last month, Qualcomm announced a collaboration agreement with Roche, a world-wide leader in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The two companies will start by working to connect Roche’s anticoagulation meters to the 2net Platform. Roche joins more than 250 other companies that have partnered with the 2net Platform, including Novartis, another worldwide leader in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.