Lots of products at CES 2015 don’t exist. Some are waiting to go into production, while some remain little more than a gleam in their creator’s eye. Somewhere between these two extremes lies HIRIS. The team behind it has been working on it for a few years, but they only launched their Indiegogo campaign last week. They plan to ship before the end of the year, but they still have a long way to go.

So what is it about the HIRIS that makes it noteworthy at this early stage? The name stands for “Human Interactive Reliable Integrated System” and it comes in two different types of module. The Tracker is a wireless platform for sensors. It can report to directly to a smartphone or other device using Bluetooth or WiFi, and it can also report to the HIRIS Core module. This is designed to be a hub for sensors, smartphone control, GPS functions, and more. It also can function as a clock, with timers and alarms. With the Core and the Tracker, you can have a system that tracks your exercise, or control network-connected devices such as smarthome appliances, or operate your smartphone. It even has a touch-less interface that will work if you are wearing gloves.

The really intriguing concept behind HIRIS, however, is that it is designed to be customized and extended. The modular design allows you to insert cards in order to add functions, such as streaming music to listen to while you exercise. The company plans to offer a breadboard card so that developers can create their own additional functions as well. Unlike so many competing devices, the HIRIS is designed to grow and change along with your needs and preferences. I believe that the products that are most successful at consolidating functions are the ones that will be most likely to win with consumers, and that’s exactly the concept behind HIRIS. It’s a product worth watching.