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One problem with many of the wearable Health Tech products and services is that they are islands unto themselves. Their data is stored away in proprietary silos, making it difficult for users (and healthcare practitioners) to combine information from different sources to provide a more complete picture. LifeFitness is one of the leading makers of exercise equipment, and the company has taken the initiative to make workout data more accessible and useful.

The company has launched the LFopen platform that is designed to work with a variety of exercise equipment and wearable Health Tech products. Designed to work with both iOS and Android apps, it allows developers to interact with the exercise equipment and extract workout data. It also makes it possible to control some exercise equipment, so that users can configure their workout program right from their smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth connections can also collect data from fitness bands and other sensor-devices on the user.

At CES, exhibitors were showing the LFopen platform in use, including Samsung Electronics, Polar, and Mio Global. Sensoria was also demonstrating how it works with their smart garments that have sensors built into the fabric.

While the focus is on fitness and exercise, this is an important step to help in broader health applications as well. Making data form multiple sources available to users, trainers, and healthcare professionals will result in more effective programs and better outcomes.