FreeWavzDo you like to listen to your favorite music as you workout, but don’t want a tangle of wires? Do you also track biometrics such as heart rate and exertion level as you exercise, but don’t want to wear a chest strap? The folks behind the new FreeWavz earphones are right there with you, and they’ve created a product that addresses these issues and more. They were invented by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician who wanted to solve these problems for his own workouts.

These wireless earphones fit over and behind your ears, out of the way. They use a Bluetooth connection to play music from your smartphone and send your data for storage. The earphones will also announce your key measures as you exercise, including heart rate, blood oxygen level, calories burned, distance, steps, and more. You get to choose which metrics to hear, and at what interval. The earphones do not block outside sounds, so you can hear approaching cars when running or other people speaking to you. You get to control the mix between your music and environmental sounds.

The FreeWavez are scheduled to ship in March with a target price of $250; you can pre-order now on the company website at a $30 discount. This all-in-one solution could help simplify the exercise gear for lots of fitness fans.