Welcome to CES 2015

I made it! CES 2015 is as big and crowded as ever before, and this year, there seems to be a special, high-energy vibe that I haven’t seen in years. Perhaps that’s because I’m focused on wearable Health Tech devices and all the related technologies, which seem to be garnering a large amount of attention from the press and participants.

I actually started last night, before the show even opened. I attended a pair of press events that featured a broad mix of companies and products, but there were a few wearable devices worth noting. I’ll get to some of them in later posts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be spending most of my time at the Sands where the wearables, health tech, and other related exhibits are concentrated. I may never even make it over to the main Las Vegas Convention Center to see the latest in televisions, cars, and other cool stuff. Already, I know that I’ll be challenged just to make it through the Sands exhibits in the time I’ve got.

So expect to be reading CES 2015 posts here long after the show has closed and we’ve all returned home. I will have a lot to tell you about! Where else do you get to see something like this?

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