ReSound LiNX LN Hearing Aids White

Modern hearing aids are nothing short of miraculous. No longer do they just make everything louder; you can tune them so that you only get a boost in the range of the sound spectrum where you have hearing loss. But most are “set and forget” systems that are tweaked by your audiologist, and then you make the most of it. And then there’s the ReSound LiNX.

These devices have Bluetooth LE connectivity, which provides a low-power link to your smartphone. This means that you can answer calls and hear them directly through your hearing aids. But that’s just the start. Want to listen to music? Just load it onto your phone, and stream the audio directly to the LiNX. You also can tweak the settings on your own; if you find you’re in a setting where there’s too much low frequency booming sound, you can dial down. Or you can boost the high range if needed. And once you have settings that work well for you in that location, you can save them for recall later. Now, you can have a custom setting for places you visit regularly, such as a classroom or church.

The device runs on cell batteries that need to be replaced every week or two weeks. This can be a challenge for elderly users who may not have the dexterity to make handling the small parts easy. ReSound has created a magnetic tool that makes it easier to remove and insert the small batteries.

One other benefit of the wireless connection is that you can use your phone to help locate your hearing aids if you should misplace them. The product currently works with iOS phones, with Android support coming soon.