Valedo back pain

According to the National Institute of Health, four out of five people will encounter back pain at some point in their lives. Most treatments include exercises, often to be done under the supervision of professional physical therapists. A new device aims to make this exercise easier to do on your own, and more effective. The Valedo is a wearable device that tracks the movement of your lower back muscles.

The device works with interactive games on an iPad or iPhone that make it more fun to exercise. It also monitors your session to make sure you’re performing the exercises correctly, which is helpful when you don’t have a physical therapist watching over you. You can even wear the Valedo around the clock, and it will act as a health coach for your back by monitoring your movements during the day and as you sleep.

A device like this could be of enormous help to some people who suffer from back pain. It could help reduce the need for pain medicines, and could help people recover more quickly from injury and return to full productivity.