Pacifi bluetooth

Is your baby running a fever? Is the medicine kicking in and helping bring his or her temperature back down? You don’t have to wake your child up to take a temperature reading if you use the new Pacifi electronic pacifier from Blue Maestro. This device has a temperature sensor right in the mouthpiece, and a Bluetooth connection relays the data to your smartphone where it is time-stamped and displayed on a graph. The app also lets you record when medication was given, and give you alerts for when it’s time to give the next dose. And you can even share the data with your physician or other healthcare workers.

The device also has a proximity detector, so you can set up an alert for whenever it gets more than a selected distance away from you. And what parent has not had the experience of searching for a misplaced pacifier while a screaming infant makes concentrating on the task at hand? The device also includes a buzzer that you can trigger from the smartphone, making it much easier to locate it when it is lost.

The Pacifi uses a Bluetooth Low-Energy connection, and as result, the on-board coin battery is rated to last a year or more. It sells for $39 and works with iOS and Android smartphones. The company will be showing the Pacifi at CES 2015 in Las Vegas next week.