Wearable Health Tech devices can produce wonderful benefits; they can deliver a wealth of information about an individual in real time, around the clock. But in some situations, a wearable device can be intrusive and inconvenient. Miniaturization may be able to address some of these limitations, but another approach is to monitor from a distance.

That’s the concept behind Life Detection Systems. The company is developing products to detect biometric data about an individual from a distance, without direct contact. Their initial focus is on creating a baby monitor, but they see other applications for their DistaSense technology. At present, they have a prototype that can measure heart and breathing rate data from up to 12 inches away. The system detects the body’s electrical signals, and can do so through blankets and clothing.

Eventually, the technology could be used to monitor other biometric data, and could even be used to identify individuals based on their profile information. This could lead to interesting security applications where the subject would not need any token or ID device; their body signals alone would be sufficient to verify their identity.