Emergency first responders often have to play guessing games. When they are called to the scene of an accident or other incident, they have to make some best-guesses about a subject’s physical condition and other factors. If a patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate information about existing conditions, medication, prior injuries, allergies, or other vital information, errors in treatment can result that could lead to far more serious or even fatal complications.

Many individuals wear medical alert bracelets or pendants with some basic information, such as name, date of birth (DOB), and chronic medical conditions, but there’s not much room on a small metal tag. Code4Armour is a wearable device designed to give emergency responders and healthcare professionals access to the information that they will need to treat you safely and effectively in the event of a crisis situation.

The wristband costs $20, plus you pay $48 a year for the subscription service. You then set up a profile on a secure website where you load your relevant health history. You can include as much information or as little as you want, including medical conditions, emergency contacts, blood type, medications, and medical insurance information. You can even include images such as X-Rays or CT scans. A first responder then can tap your bracelet with a smartphone or tablet and retrieve your information. The app can even read the information aloud so that the emergency personnel can have their hands free while reviewing your information.