In a recent holiday shopping survey, CNET found that fitness wearable devices made it to the top 10 planned gifts this year, jumping up to the fifth place position. They came in right behind small kitchen appliances, which were in fourth place. (The number one gift on the survey respondents’ shopping lists? Tablet computers.)

It is interesting that so many of the people surveyed wanted to both give and receive fitness wearables. There have been many reports lately about people who stopped using these devices (which can be fairly expensive) after only a short time. There also are mixed returns about whether these devices are successful in helping users achieve — and maintain — their fitness goals.

Of course, it is a long-standing tradition that many holiday gifts get stashed in a drawer before long, or possibly even getting regifted. Still, it looks as though you could make a hit by giving a fitness wearable this year. Or a blender.