Fever Smart

Here comes flu season. Even a common cold can cause a person to run a fever, which can cause aches and feeling just plain lousy. Traditionally, you would take a patient’s temperature every few hours, and adjust medication and other treatments as required. But it could be helpful to know if the fever is spiking, especially if it is reaching levels that are cause for concern. A new product can help by providing continuous wireless monitoring of body temperature.

The Fever Smart wearable device is worn in the patient’s arm pit, using a disposable patch. The device relays the data to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly using Bluetooth; currently, only iOS devices are supported. The app can issue alerts if the the temperature starts rising or reaches certain levels.

This product will appeal to family caregivers who may have to take care of children or adults when they are sick. The device could also be helpful to women who are trying to track their temperature in order to be able to detect ovulation. Fever Smart could also be useful in clinical settings by providing more data about patients’ conditions without requiring staff time to take the temperature. The product is scheduled to start shipping in January at a price of $199.