IDTechEx CST RF Simulation 1

One of the exhibitors at this week’s IDTechEx conference was CST of America. One of the company’s specialties is the simulation of bio-electromagnetics. In short, this provides software simulation of the effects of different frequency radio waves on the human body, as well as on objects attached to the skin or embedded inside tissues. This is increasingly important as healthcare professionals rely on a variety of electromagnetic tools to diagnose and treat various conditions. And new products intend to use radio frequency (RF) emissions to remotely recharged implanted Health Tech devices.

The problem is that the effects of these RF emissions can be difficult to predict. If waves of a certain frequency get focused inadvertently on a certain location, the tissues could be subjected to dangerous heat that could result in temporary or even permanent damage. (Think of microwaving a part of your body.) CST provides tools to predict where and how much of the radio waves will be absorbed by the body, and any possible adverse effects that might result. It also can help developers design devices to wirelessly transmit data from a medical implant. The company has developed different patient models, including male and female adults of different weights, children, and even a pregnant mother so that the effects on the fetus can be modeled along with those affecting the mother.

With radio waves being used to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, this information becomes increasingly important. For example, RF frequencies are used to help speed healing of hip replacements. Knowing where the emissions are targeted and what side effects they could have is critical.