Many people don’t want to wear a watch. Many others already wear one, and don’t want to wear another just to track their exercise. That’s why some people may find the new AmpStrip to be an appealing alternative to fitness bands. According to FitLinxx, the company that makes it, the product will launch in the second quarter of 2015 (at a price that has not yet been announced), offering a clear alternative for exercise tracking. Using medical grade adhesive, you simply stick the patch on your chest like an over-sized band-aid. It is designed to be worn non-stop for up to a week at a time, and without recharging. It stores its data, and then transfers it wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. The device takes about two to three hours to recharge wirelessly.

The device records data the entire time that you’re wearing it. According to the website, it uses electrical impulses to measure heart rate that the company claims are more accurate than optical methods used by some wrist-worn devices. The AmpStrip records heart rate, activity, respiration, body temperature and posture. It is designed to help athletes measure and monitor their workouts and recovery, as well as sleep patterns. The product recently was recognized as a 2015 Best of Innovation Honoree by CES.

The same data that the AmpStrip records could also have significant value in health applications, monitoring heart rate for irregularities or other conditions. This is not part of the product’s declared mission at this point, but it is easy to see how it could be used for other purposes. The device could also serve as a platform for additional sensors, which could expand its utility even further.