Samsung flex battery

We all know about batteries. They are heavier and thicker than we wish they were, and they always need to be recharged or replaced sooner than we want. Universities and companies around the globe are hard at work trying to advance the state of the art, and Samsung recently demonstrated what it called “the first truly flexible battery.” Not only can it bent to a curve that could wrap around your wrist, it can also be straightened out and bent again repeatedly.

According to various reports on this demonstration, the prototype is not based on any breakthrough concept, but rather a refinement of manufacturing and materials that allow the battery cells to be flexed without damage. The concept still requires further development, and we may have to wait a few years before it reaches large scale production.

Given the amount of attention given to batteries and other energy storage devices, I suspect that we won’t have to wait years in order to get lighter, smaller, more flexible and less expensive ways to store more electricity than what we have available today.