Boogio shoe inserts


There’s another entry in the “smart shoe” market segment. Boogio is a new product from REFLX Labs that you can insert in any pair of shoes. Four sensors for each foot measure the pressure and acceleration applied at each point. These connect to “Boogie Clips” that are controllers that clip to the side of your shoes. This then communicates the data wirelessly to your smartphone or other device, using Bluetooth LE technology.

The developers see the system being used for many purposes, ranging from playing video games to fitness and health applications. The sensors can be used as simple switches, so that tapping the toes or heels of your shoes could trigger some action by an application. It also can also sense the center of balance, and the movement of your feet in three dimensions. They could be helpful in diagnosing posture or walking gait problems, or in physical therapy helping people regain the ability to walk after stroke or injury. The inserts weigh just a bit more than an ounce, so they add negligible weight to a pair of typical running shoes. The rechargeable battery in the Clips is designed to run all day on a single charge.

REFLX is seeking developers to help create applications for the system. The developer kits sell for $189 and are scheduled to ship in May 2015. The company just announced a partnership with the Invention Development Fund at Intellectual Ventures, which will provide business development services to help find customers for Boogio worldwide.