Do you dream of building your own personal health tech device? Maybe a smartwatch that talks to your phone, or maybe a pendant that reminds you when to take your meds, or maybe a belt buckle that tells you when you’ve eaten enough? If you need a full-color display, the folks at TinyCircuits may have just what you need. TinyDisplay is a small OLED color display panel that simply plugs into other TinyDuino modules to make it easy to piece together a functioning prototype or even a personalized product.

The panel has 96 by 64 pixel resolution; not enough for HD videos but plenty for text and simple icons. It is just under 1-inch diagonal, and includes four side buttons that make it easy to control in a wrist-worn configuration. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the product back in September, and blew right through their goals in less than a month by raising nearly $130,000 in response to their $15,000 target. The company uses open source designs, and builds their products here in the U.S. in former rubber factory in Akron, Ohio.

Based on the Arduino processor, TinyCircuits creates sensors and other devices that experimenters can use to create smart devices that are small enough (and have low-power requirements) to be suitable for wearable projects. These could be the building blocks for all sorts of new Health Tech device development.