New ideas

It’s not enough to have a better mousetrap. It takes a lot of work to launch a new product of any sort, but especially when it’s a technology product, and if it involves health or medicine, well, the challenges can be enormous. That’s why Dr. Charles Platkin founded The Health Lab, a new high-tech incubator program based in New York City.

According to the company’s press release, “The Health Lab collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs to create sustainable, commercially viable businesses that solve health-related problems.” Specifically, the group is looking for projects designed to address the needs of under-served populations, as well as projects by individuals who have a direct connection with the target disease or condition either through their own personal experience, or the experience of someone close to them.

The Health Lab will only work with two or three startup projects at a time, taking on a new batch 18 months. The organization will help find seed capital as well as working with program leaders to write and submit proposals for grants. Target projects included wearable Health Tech devices as well as Big Data analytics, consumer health and engagement programs, and ways to manage and use electronic health records (EHR) more effectively. Entrepreneurs interested in the program can submit applications through the organization’s website.