Wrist-worn fitness devices have been the standard for the current generation of fitness trackers. Their features range from simple step-trackers to designs that can monitor heart rate and oxygen levels without a chest band. New generations of fitness trackers are looking to move off the wrist for a variety of reasons, ranging from ease of use to increase accuracy, to more biometric functions. One of these new designs is the SensoTRACK from Sensogram Designs. In a press release, the company just announced a new Kickstarter campaign that intends to raise $250,ooo to fund the final development, production, and marketing of this ear-worn device.

One of the features that sets the SensoTRACK apart from most other devices is the fact that it tracks not just steps and heart rate, it also tracks blood pressure, breathing rate, blood oxygen level, and body position. When paired with a smartphone or other device with GPS capabilities, it also can track distance traveled, speed, and other metrics. (According to the product’s Kickstarter site, the company plans to incorporate GPS functions in a future model.) The rechargeable battery can run for up to 24 hours, and the device can store data for up to a week’s worth of workouts, and it can upload data via USB or a Bluetooth LE wireless connection.

The SensoTRACK’s abilities could find it a home with consumers other than fitness buffs. Its body position sensing could be used to monitor elderly patients, notifying caregivers in the event of a fall. The blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring could be helpful to track patients with chronic conditions, including heart or lung disease. As a result, its applications could reach beyond just fitness tracking.

The first prototype of thie SensoTRACK was built three years ago. The final product is expected to retail for $249 — pre-order now for $199 — with production shipments starting in April next spring.