Pristine Google Glass

Head-mounted displays such as Google Glass clearly have the potential to revolutionize medical procedures and professional healthcare. Hands-free access to information anywhere and easy recording and sharing of audio and video content are just a few of the features that could help healthcare professionals do their jobs faster, safer, and more efficiently. But one enormous question remains: what about patient privacy?

Most personal privacy issues involving the Internet and other technologies are matters of personal choice, and often do not have clear-cut boundaries. Not so in the medical world, however, where legislation such as HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) put some serious teeth into regulations concerning the secure handling of patient information. Pristine is a company that has developed a communication system using Google Glass, and according to the company website, it is the only commercially available system that is HIPAA-compliant. The Eyesight system lets doctors and other professionals share images to consult with others on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The company just announced that it has raised more than $5 million in Series A financing. The new funds will help the company expand R&D, sales, marketing and operations. The Eyesight system is already in use in settings ranging from emergency rooms to ambulances.