The W/Me (“with me”) wristband from Phyode is different from your average fitness band. Rather than measure steps and calories, it is focused on your vital signs such as heart and breathing rate. It analyzes this data for information about your heart rate variability and other factors.

The device does not monitor your status all the time. Instead, you have to sit (quietly) and press a finger against a sensor for three minutes. It communicates with your iOS mobile device — such as an iPhone — via Bluetooth. (It has limited support for Android devices.) You can also use it in training sessions designed to help you regain your balance; it can prompt you through rhythmic breathing exercises to help you relax or become more alert.

The band also includes other functions that approach the feature set of a smart watch. LEDs can display the time, and the device can vibrate to alert you of a new email or a missed call. It can even help you locate your phone when you misplace it. It also can work as a remote shutter release for your iOS device’s camera, and you can even check in on Facebook by pressing a button.

The rechargeable device is rated to run for a week between charging, but that would depend on how frequently you use it. It does not provide constant monitoring of your biometrics, so it’s not an appropriate choice if that’s what you seek.