SmartStop nicotine patch

It’s easy to quit smoking. Some people have done it hundreds of times. The hard part is staying quit. Smokers who want to quit for good may soon have a new wearable Health Tech tool that can help them get over the tobacco habit forever. According to researchers at Chrono Therapeutics, a major part of the problem is that nicotine cravings occur at different times throughout the day. Transdermal nicotine patches release a steady dose, and are not able to respond to the higher demands at various intervals.

The SmartStop is a wearable device that releases nicotine at automatic intervals throughout the day.  By predicting when cravings will occur and delivering a dose in sync with those cravings, making it easier to deal with them while getting less nicotine overall. The system also includes a digital coaching feature to help smokers deal with their cravings and stick to the nicotine replacement therapy program more effectively.

The company closed $32 million in financing last summer which will be used to bring the product into production, and to fund the clinical trials required for FDA approval.