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Many of the first wearable Health Tech devices took advantage of low-cost motion sensors and other components created for the smartphone industry, but as the applications have grown more sophisticated and require more accurate data, device designers need improved sensors. The Nano Bio Manufacturing Consortium has scheduled a one-day workshop in Boston at Northeastern University on October 17. The program will focus on sensors and sensor systems that are designed to monitor health and human performance, especially for wearable Health Tech devices.

The agenda includes coverage of a wide range of technologies, from micro-fluidics to nano-bio molecular devices. The presenters include representatives from American Semiconductor, the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, and Northeastern.

There will also be a half-day tour of the Kostas Nanoscale Research Center at Northeastern on the afternoon before the workshop, October 16. The Center has cleanrooms for processing 3″ and 6″ wafers, and also does research using carbon nano-tubes (CNTs). It is the site for research ranging from energy storage to sensors.