Mimo baby monitor

Having a newborn baby in the house can be a trying time for parents, especially when it is their first child. Is the baby sleeping soundly? Is he breathing right? Is he on his back or his belly? Wireless audio and video monitors are now standard equipment for many new parents, but Rest Devices has taken baby monitors a step further by creating a smart one-piece. The Mimo system includes washable one-piece “kimonos” that include non-contact sensors, a turtle-shaped control module, and an app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The sensors monitor your baby’s breathing, skin temperature, body position, and activity level. The control unit also has a microphone, so you can listen in on your baby over your smartphone if you want. The turtle uses Bluetooth LE to send data to the base station, which then communicates via your home’s WiFi network to connect with your smartphone or other device. The app reports when and how long your baby is asleep, and you can also track other events, such as feeding times.

Mimo provides a lot more information than a standard baby monitor, and may help bring peace of mind to new parents. The starter system costs $199.99 and is available through Babies R Us, either online or in stores.