vital connect

One of the big advantages of wearable Health Tech for medical applications is that it can provide continuous observation of a patient, either at home or in a hospital. This rich information can help medical professionals spot transient events, trends in vital signs, and other data that can help guide diagnosis and treatment. It can even help provide early warning of a possibly fatal changes or episodes, and save lives. Vital Connect is a company that has developed a novel approach to wearable medical sensors. Their HealthPatch product takes a modular approach, with sensors for a variety of important data. There is a disposable patch and a reusable sensor module.

Now comes the news that their device has received FDA approval. The device can be used to monitor patients with chronic conditions, either in a clinical setting such as a hospital, or for short-term monitoring after a hospital discharge or emergency room visit. The device is approved to make the following measurements: single-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture including fall detection and severity, and steps. According to the company press release, this is the first device to receive FDA approval for fall detection.

The device communicates via Bluetooth LED (BLE) to a smartphone, tablet, or other device that can then use WiFi to relay the data to a secure cloud service that is HIPAA-compliant. It is powered by disposable zinc-air battery that lasts two to three days in use.

The HealthPatch can help reduce medical costs by providing effective and accurate biometric data on patients, leading to better and faster treatment. It also is easy to wear and use, and provides a better alternative to the bulky devices that are often used to gather this data.