Fineck neck sensorWhat matters to you in a fitness tracker? Is it steps taken during the day? Heart rate or blood oxygen level? The Chinese company Fineck has a different target in their sights: your spine. The company makes a necklace that detects your motion throughout the day, and records a full day’s data that you can then access through a smartphone application. The necklace relies on Bluetooth LE to communicate wirelessly with your phone.

The device comes in the form of a necklace with a black silicone rubber strap, a titanium pendent, and a titanium control module clasp in the back. The rechargeable battery is designed to run for up to a week, and recharges in about an hour. The Fineck only supports iOS devices at present; there is no support for Android yet.

According to the company website, the device is intended to track motion of your neck and spine, as well as stress in your shoulder and neck muscles. It can detect whether you’ve been inactive too long, and need a break to move around a bit. It can even vibrate to remind you to correct your posture. The company also has a social component where you can share your cloud-based results with friends.