Janko Roettgers at GigaOm wrote an article earlier this year about “Project Florida,” which apparently is a new company looking to create wearable Health Tech devices built from the ground up to take a Big Data view of delivering health and fitness benefits to its customers. Months later, the company website still reveals little about its operations, and its LinkedIn page does not say much more. “We are focused on harnessing and interpreting large volumes of data that will help improve health outcomes and empower people to lead healthier lives.”

According to Roettgers, CEO Carter Adamson has been assembling an all-star team of developers to help create “an embedded system with more than a dozen data streams,” according to one job description. Project Florida has recruited top people from Chartbeat, Foursquare, and Nike, according to the GigaOm article. One of the hires is Big Data expert Drew Conway, who wrote in his blog last February about joining the company, where he will be ” leading and growing a team of world-class data scientists and engineers to build parts of the core product.”

Project Florida appears to continue to operate in stealth mode, and I have not found any signs of how long it will be until they lift the veils and reveal what they’re working on. But given the pedigree of the team, it sounds as if it will be well worth the wait.