Shot Tracker

Wearable technology is transforming the world of sport, for both professionals and amateurs. A new product is coming that is designed to help basketball players practice their shots more effectively by documenting their practice sessions. The ShotTracker is a three-component system. One sensor attaches to the basketball net, and then you wear another sensor on your wrist. The company will offer your choice of a sleeve or a wristband that is designed to hold the thin, half-ounce device. These two components then use Bluetooth connections to communicate with a smartphone (which you provide).

The system is fairly simple at this point. As described on the website, all it does is detect when a shot has been attempted (by the wrist sensor) and whether or not the shot was successful (by the net sensor). It then tracks and reports the number of shots taken and baskets made. The app also includes a way to compete against your friends and the world, and can provide structured workouts. You have to “train” the device for each shooting location on the court; the company plans to offer a ShotTracker LS version that will include a location sensor.

The pre-order price for ShotTracker is $99, with shipments expected to start in October. The site also lists ShotTracker LS at a pre-order price of $199.