Parks Associates Digital Health Survey

According to a recent survey by Parks Associates of households in the U.S. with broadband service, 22% used “an electronic device that measures and tracks your exercise, sleep patterns or vital signs.” While this is based on a small sample, a Pew Research Center study last year indicated that about 70% of U.S. households has broadband Internet access (up from just 3% in 2000). As a result, this still represents a significant — and growing — portion of our population. Parks pegged 18% of the broadband households as using such devices in 2012, so the proportion using them grew by 22% in just one year.

This is just one more data point that indicates the wearable Health Tech market is growing rapidly. This is sure to attract more investors and more research, and the rate of new products and solutions is only likely to accelerate further. Hang onto your hats, and monitor your pulse rate!