Servers and Clouds

Be honest. If someone presented you with a story about wireless diapers for adults 15 years ago, you probably wouldn’t be able to decide if it was a joke or just plain crazy. But the miniaturization and lower costs for all sorts of electronics — driven largely by the smartphone industry — has made this idea a feasible product. Or so thinks the founders of Sensassure, who hope to bring the product to market. The project is backed by high-tech incubator The Next 36.

At this point, the design provides for a disposable, moisture-sensing pad that is placed on the inside of the diaper. When moisture is detected, the data is sent wirelessly to the cloud, and caregivers are notified. The obvious benefit is that the patient is more likely to get prompt attention for a soiled brief, which can help improve quality of life factors for elderly patients who are not able to take care of themselves. This could lead to significant cost savings, however, as caregivers would be able to address incontinence events more efficiently, and more timely changes could reduce the risk of skin irritation or more serious medical complications.

The future of the Sensassure could include other functions. With more sophisticated sensors, it could be used to monitor different aspects of a patient’s body chemistry, and possibly even be effective in the early diagnosis of a range of diseases. The company’s website does not have any information about plans for commercial production.