Wireless earphones are convenient; they don’t have wires that can get tangled or flop against you while you work out. Fitness monitors are helpful. They monitor your heart rate and other measures while you exercise, and can communicate this data to a smartphone or other device. The people behind the FreeWavz wondered why you couldn’t have both functions in one efficient device.

The result is a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones that do much more than play music. They provide all the Bluetooth functions that you’d expect for your smartphone including the ability to give voice commands or make and receive calls. The embedded microphone makes it possible to do more, however; you can control how much you hear your music, and how much you hear ambient noises from your environment. You can block out the world, or you can hear everything around you for safety’s sake. It also contains independent equalizers for the left and right ears, so that you hear balanced music that compensates for differences you may have between your two ears.

The FreeWavz also monitors your heart rate using an optical sensing system that looks through your ear to observe blood flow. It also counts your steps, and can report other metrics such as distance traveled and calories burned. This means that you don’t have to wear a separate chest strap or wrist device to monitor your exercise.

The FreeWavz is set to sell for $299 when it is scheduled to ship in October 2014. The company has created a Kickstarter campaign for the product, where you can pre-order the device for as little as $179.