Staples wearables

You’ve decided that you want to purchase a new wearable fitness device, so you hop in your car and head to your nearest office supply store.

Now, that may not sound like a reasonable plan to you, but if your destination is your local Staples store, it just might work out. In a press release last month, the company announced a major new effort to expand the technology offerings within their stores. Part of that new thrust is focused on “Staples Connect,” a new home automation initiative. Another component of the strategy, however, is to add a range of wearable technology devices including health and fitness products.

As a result, the stores now carry familiar Health Tech products from companies including Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Magellan, Misfit, and Polar. Whether you want to count your steps, track your sleeping, or monitor your heart rate, now you can the devices you need right along with copy paper and ballpoint pens.

This move is just one more sign that wearable technology for health and fitness is a booming market, and Staples is just one of many retailers who want to be perceived as current with the latest technology trends. The fact that these personal devices are sold alongside business supplies is also another sign of the blurring between personal and working time in our lives.